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On a regular basis, we have a bunch of lost souls wandering into the Laksh Tattoo Studio Goa telling us they’d like a tattoo, but need help on what they’d actually like to have tattooed on them. Not to fear! I’m going to give you some useful pointers to help spark your imagination and get those creative juices flowing.

Let’s start off with the most important factor to take into consideration before making any hasty decisions. Please remember that a tattoo is permanent, so the actual design of the tattoo is equally as important as the execution. The last thing you’d want to do is to roam the earth throughout the rest of your days with your ex-partner’s name on your precious temple of a body. Now we have cleared that up, let’s get down to the more exciting parts…

If you’re really struggling for ideas, and I mean the banging your head against the wall kind of situation, then focus on what interests you as a person; your hobbies and things you personally find aesthetically pleasing. There are questions you can ask yourself to kickstart the wheel of ideas into motion. Things like, are you obsessed with cats, are you passionate about sports, or do you just simply love tattoos of hands. Starting off with looking at things that genuinely interest you, is a great way to ensure that you will actually like your tattoo in years to come.

Style is also very important. If you really dig your realistic style of tattoos, then going to a traditional style tattooist probably won’t help deliver you your perfect tattoo. You want a specialist tattooist who is fully confident and experienced in what you want to have tattooed. FYI, if you’re into mega realistic black and grey tattoos, Josh Wilding is your man.

Deciding on whether you’d want colour or black and grey is an additional ingredient to add to the formula of your ideal tattoo. If you’re already tattooed, you might want to consider what colours – or lack of colours – would compliment your existing collection. Shrrusti oza love their vibrant colours and create very striking and memorable tattoos. Tattoos so solid that they will outlive the colour of your hair.

Size plays a big role in what tattoos will work best for you. We get cutesy little designs shown to us in photos that yes, are pretty nifty looking and are possible to create. However, do you want that tattoo to look just as beautiful in 10 years time? If no, then perhaps reconsider getting something permanent if you do not care for how it’ll look in the future. Remember, a tattoo is for life, not just for Christmas!

If, on the other hand, you answered yes to the previous question, you made it. Welcome to our world. In time, ink spreads underneath the skin, so the more detailed the piece, the more limited you are with a small size. Some tattoos you should go big or go home if you really want your tattoo to pack a punch. A perfect example is Japanese work. Want a dragon? Think of all of those scales. Go all in with a full sleeve – definitely worth the investment and you will not be disappointed. Check out Ro Thorpe if Japanese work is something that intrigues you.

Last but not least, do your research. Don’t be afraid to explore and see what’s out there. Try to avoid getting the tattoo everyone else has. Fads die out, tattoos don’t. Research the artists. You may even surprise yourself with what you may like when you open your mind to different styles. If you have a particular design in mind, say for example, a realistic colour tiger, then research tattooists who mainly tattoos animals in colour realism. Going to a tattooist who specialises in what you like will guarantee you will love your tattoo. After all, you wouldn’t go to a painter and decorator to do your plumbing!

If you have any questions or feel you need a little nudge in the right direction, drop by the shop for a chat or give us a call or email.

Thanks for reading and make sure you get LOTS of tattoos.

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