You are currently viewing Lord Shiva Trishul Tattoo by Mahesh Ogania at Goa India.

Lord Shiva Trishul Tattoo by Mahesh Ogania at Goa India.

Lord Shiva Trishul Tattoo by Mahesh Ogania at Goa India.

There is no doubt about the fact that Lord Shiva has become a favorite amongst the youth these days for various, obvious reasons. Whether you are a high on life person or just a pure devotee of the Lord, you need no two reasons to get a tattoo of this cool Lord whose tandav is just as known as his bum-bum-bhole association.

A Lord Shiva Tattoo has come to mean a lot of things and has a lot more importance for people, beyond the ‘chillum’ aspect of the Lord. From being the most powerful God amongst the Hindu Lords whose third eye opens up an ocean of destruction once opened to being the peaceful Lord, meditating at his mountain top, Lord Shiva has a lot of avatars and admiration of each or any of those is not uncommon.

I’d not need to say anything more to convince you, you’re already convinced to get this tattoo and you’re just lacking the ideas for it. So let’s help you decide which one.

First things first, where to get the tattoo? Can a Shiva Tattoo be just on the back? No. Of course not. Just like every portrait tattoo, it completely depends on the size or the type of portrait you plan to get. Your back, chest, forearm, shoulder – all these areas on your body would be the best to get this tattoo with the ample space available. Then again, it’s up to you. Choose the design wisely.

Designs? Well, we’ve got you covered. You’re not a fan of portraits? Well then you don’t need to get one. There are amazing Trishul tattoos which you could get which would reflect or represent the same theme, idea or devotion you have for Lord Shiva. From close up, face tattoos of Lord Shiva to serenely sitting or performing his tandav, there are a lot of ideas that you could go for or, just mix a few together to get something attractive and quirky.

Now, let’s just get to it and give you some tattoo inspirations from Laksh Tattoo Studio, Calangute Goa…


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