Tattoo artist Mahesh Ogania creates Geometric Mandala Sleeve Tattoo.

Tattoo artist Mahesh Ogania creates Geometric Mandala Sleeve Tattoo.

Tattoo artist Mahesh Ogania creates Geometric Mandala Sleeve Tattoo on skin.

For the past 7 years, he has translated his reverence for nature and its innate patterns into intricate body art that symbolizes the connectedness of all things. “Sacred geometry is simply the mathematical proportions and ratios within nature,” Mahesh explains to My Modern Met. “I think this interconnectivity is fascinating and focusing on it in my art allows me to contemplate these connections even further.

Mahesh is influenced by his unique works, and doing so allows him to reconnect to the essence of his visual art. “Cultures around the world have recognized [ Geometry Tattoo] for thousands of years,” he says, “and have paid tribute with their art, architecture, religions, etc.” In studying these sources, he incorporates a variety of styles, from meticulous dot work to elements with a painterly touch. The mandala—seen as a microcosm of the universe—is the most prominent motif in his designs. It represents the beauty of a cyclical world that is at times made of hard edges and other times soft.

Mahesh has found a lot of success in tattooing—he counts actors as one of his most prominent clients. But body art isn’t his only source of creativity. “I actually still paint on traditional canvases,” he admits. “I have debuted some of those paintings in my art shows in Tattoo Exhibitions in India and I am also currently working on some pieces for a larger show in India.”

Tattooing, however, is an experience that can’t be replicated on canvas. “What draws me to tattooing my art onto people is that those canvases continue to display my designs for their whole lives. They have their own meaningful attachment to the tattoos and I enjoy making people happy.”

Tattoo artist Mahesh Ogania creates Geometric Mandala tattoos inspired by Geometry Mandala Tattoo found in nature, architecture, and beyond.